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Sunflower Sunfinity

Endless Blooms. All season

Sunfinity boasts continuous branching and blooming all season long and keeps on growing long after traditional single-stem sunflowers have bloomed and died.  

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Petunia Surfinia Heartbeat new 2017
Begonia Unstopable Salmon New 2017


Porto Grande Yellow

Love portulaca but looking for something a little more trailing and vigorous.  Introducing Purslane which is part of the portulaca family but only wants to trail.  These vibrant, large blooms thrive in hot and arid conditions. Use these plants with full trailing habits in landscapes, baskets and mixed containers.

Ipomoea Solar Tower

Black or Lime

Looking for a nice colorful foliage climber.  Look no further Ipomoea Solar Tower has arrived.  This climbing ipomoea/ potato vine looks good mixed or all on its own.

Calibrachoa Chameleon Blueberry Scone

Calibrachoa Cabaret 

Goodnight Kiss

This trailing Calibrachoa in a pre-introduction for next year.  We have seen it bloom and it is one of our favorites!

Impatiens New Guinea

Wild Romance Pink Blush

This is the only double New Guinea Impatiens series.  Available in red, white and blush Pink.  A must see!

wild romance pink2.jpg
dispthumb (1).jpg

Petchoa / Supercal

Sunray Pink Premium

These are the easiest annuals to grow.  They are PH tolerate, don't have to be dead headed and bring the best traits of Calibrachoa mixed with the best traits of the petunia mixed together.  New to this year is the premium collection.  

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