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A variety of garden strawberry, more recently known as the Framberry or Strasberry, the berries have the sweetness and growth habit of a strawberry with the scent and taste of raspberries.


Sweet Potatoes

6 differents varities

Sweet potatoes like it hot ! Plant these in the garden at least 1-2 weeks after the last chance of frost. Plant sweet potatoes in a sunny, warm location about 12-18 inches apart and allow 3 feet between rows. Sweet potato seedlings in pots have a tendency to become rootbound.  More Info


Mighty Matos 

Brandy Wine

The famous heirloom produces 1–2 lb., scarlet-pink beefsteaks with high acid and sugar content. Considered one of the world’s best-tasting tomatoes. Grafted onto a hardy root stock to improve disease resistance with high yield.  



Big League (beefsteak)

•47 Days!

•Beautiful, 14 to 21 ounce beefsteak-type red tomatoes grown on plants that will require support due to the sheer weight of the fruit.

•Plants only grow up to 48" making them perfect for patio gardening. 


Water Melon

Mini Love

•This personal-sized Asian watermelon is perfect for smaller families and smaller gardens.

•Shorter vines (3-4 feet) still produce up to six fruits per plant and can be grown in smaller spaces.

•Mini Love has a high sugar content resulting in sweet and crisp, juicy flesh that will be a true summer delight for watermelon lovers.

70-80 days to maturity.

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