Our garden center takes great pride in the quality of our annuals, which we grow almost entirely in our greenhouses from seeds and cuttings. This meticulous process allows us to have full control over the entire lifecycle of our plants, ensuring they receive the utmost care and attention from the very beginning. We begin by carefully selecting premium seeds and cuttings from reputable suppliers from all over the world.

Growing all our own annuals in our greenhouses not only allows us to maintain consistent quality and a wide selection of plant varieties but also reflects our commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious practices. By producing our plants on-site, we reduce our carbon footprint, minimize transportation-related impacts.  Our customers can rest assured that the annuals they choose from our garden center are not only vibrant and healthy but also ethically grown with utmost consideration for the environment. We take pride in being a reliable source for premium annuals, and our greenhouse-grown plants stand as a testament to our passion for horticulture and dedication to providing the best possible products for our valued customers.

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